Halloween Festival Sponsored by Tahattawan Lodge!

Please join us for our inaugural Halloween Festival and Open House on Sunday, October 23rd, 2022 from 12:30pm-4:30pm at 301 King Street, Littleton! It is a free event and all are welcome! Food will be provided for suggested donations. Activities include:

    • Costume contest
    • Games with prizes
    • Bounce house
    • Magic shows
    • MyChip child safety registration
    • …and more!

Bring your family, friends, and come be with us in the Halloween and fall spirit!

Join us for our Halloween Festival!


Tahattawan Table Lodge

The Milky Way

Table Lodge (Lodge of Entered Apprentices and one of Table Instruction).
Celebrating “The Center of the Universe.”
To honor our SGW and JGW who are both members of Tahattawan Lodge.
Open to all Masons (Entered Apprentice and above).
Thursday February 28, 2019, lodge opens at 7 PM.
Seven course meal including beef tenderloin. Seven toasts as specified in ritual
Send reservations to reservations@tahattawan.org. Suggested donation $38.00, pay at door or online here

Littleton Cemetery Flag Project

On May 27th, Tahattawan Lodge adorned the graves of 25 departed Brothers residing in both Littleton Cemeteries with blue and white Square & Compasses flags.

The idea for the project was developed and funded by the Cipher Team, with Brother Charlie Ellis taking the lead. Charlie worked with the Cemetery Commission for approval to place the flags, and also received from them a list of all residents, which Charlie then cross-referenced with all deceased Tahattawan Brothers. A map was then created showing the approximate location of our departed Brethren.

Additionally, several Brothers who were not listed as members of Tahattawan Lodge were found to be resting in Littleton’s Cemeteries, thanks to Square & Compasses on their head stones. These Brothers were then added to the map.

Placing the flags were: Brother Charlie Ellis, Brother Jay Varnum, Brother Steve Rogg, Right Worshipful Ken Atkins, Brother Bob Stetson, and Worshipful Dennis Gibbons.

Additional credit goes to Brothers David Badger, Brian Wong, Steve Moore, David Angel, Jeff Randall, Nick Rochon, Peter Beagan, and Don Stevens. Photos can be found in the Gallery